Apparel with Comfort, Quality, and Purpose


We are a trademarked brand creating comfortable apparel for a purpose using inspirational designs of Family, Love, Optimism, and Wellness.


4 stands for Quality (4 Stars). A also stands for Quality (Top Grade). Together 4 and A stand for (4A) a Purpose. The PURPOSE is fighting cancer and doing good in this world. FLOW stands for FAMILY-LOVE-OPTIMISIM-WELLNESS. FLOW are our core values and we believe are essential for one to be their best in this world and to FEEL 4A FLOW®

Yoga Leggings

Yoga 4A FLOW LOGO® Legging

Women’s Yoga FLOW Design: Berry



Orange 4A FLOW LOGO® Cap

Polo – Performance 4A FLOW LOGO® Carolina Blue

Polo – Performance 4A FLOW LOGO®

RED 4A FLOW LOGO® CAP - Stretch-Fit

Red 4A FLOW LOGO® Cap: Stretch-Fit

Men’s Tri-Blend Rise Up Design: Turquoise


4A FLOW Cling


Youth Tri-Blend LOGO Design: Vintage Grey



We are a Licensed Trademarked Brand founded in Pittsburgh PA. Our designs are one of a kind hand sketches meticulously turned into digital illustrations. All designs have an inspirational purpose that FOCUS and are consistent with our Core VALUES. Please visit our entire product lineup to learn the “INSPIRATION” behind each design.

Our motivation is and will always be to grow our company and to be recognized as the "GO TO" Brand for COMFORT, QUALITY, and PURPOSE. We believe COMMUNICATION and LISTENING is essential to EXECUTE our mission and our team is excited to share our strength and passion to the world!



To create Comfort, Quality, and Purpose with a consistent message that focuses on FLOW

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4A FLOW was founded with core values that are deeply focused on FLOW: Family – Love – Optimism – Wellness. 4A FLOW values will be continually EMBEDDED in our BRAND.


This business venture came to us through some of our families most trying and dark times. When our son/nephew Julius was diagnosed at 2 ½ years old in 2014 with a rare form of Non-Curable Adult Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, we had a choice to crumble, or learn how to move forward with our new normal in a positive way to help him and others.

To FEEL 4A FLOW® is a philanthropic mindset and by endorsing the 4A FLOW brand is a lifestyle that UNITES FAMILIES and PEOPLE together when they may be faced with challenges, and also celebrating life. We hope everyone can join us with our Slogan and, FEEL 4A FLOW® reaching out to all people around the WORLD with our Brand.

Our goal is to give back by donating significant TIME and PROCEEDS to charities and those in NEED including, but not limited to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Parkinson’s Foundation, ALS Association, and Our Clubhouse, which provides comfort, care and hope to those who are touched by cancer.

Rise Up



I get everything I want by helping everyone else get what they want. I’m driven and motivated by time because you can’t buy more of it and you can’t buy it back. I am 100% committed and our team is focused on building a brand that creates a unique language that will allow the world to FEEL 4A FLOW® My goal is to help others by taking action and donating time and resources to organizations and people who need help and support.

Syracuse University graduate in 2003 with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting within the School of Management Department, Cum Laude. Studied in Hong Kong and China 12/2001-5/2002. Upper St. Clair High School Graduate, 1999. Over 8 years in banking and previously worked 5 years in a Senior accounting role for a Pittsburgh healthcare system.

ANGELA STEVENSON – President of Operations & Human Resources

Alfred University graduate in 2003 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and teaching degree in Arts Education. After graduation, moved back to her home town of Pittsburgh and started teaching at the Carnegie Museum of Arts, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and other after school art programs until she was teaching full time with Pittsburgh Public schools in 2007.

She then made her final move to Upper St. Clair School District at Streams Elementary in 2008 where she continues to enjoy teaching art and inspiring young creative minds! One of her strongest passions, which has always guided her, is helping children to believe in themselves and trust the power they have at their fingertips to go out into this beautiful world and touch people’s lives, even if it’s with one simple smile. She wants ALL her students to feel her love, care, and belief in each of them.

IAN STEVENSON – President of Marketing & Design

Art Institute of Pittsburgh graduate with an Associate’s degree in Computer Animation. Ian has been working as a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer for the past 16 years. His work ranges in a variety of mediums from pencil, marker, and ink drawings, to oil and acrylic paintings.

His signature works focus on his hand drawn images that he then digitally paints. This is a process where he takes his hand sketched drawings, scans them into his computer, and then meticulously paints his Illustrations using Photoshop. Many are fooled by his almost photographic renderings that come to life with his unique color palate.

Ian strives to help others and wants his work to speak to his viewers, causing them to take a moment to stop in this busy world and think about each different meaning or story that he skillfully weaves within each piece. He has participated and donated multiple works to help a variety of fundraising organizations and events. Ian hopes he is able to provide others to tie to their FLOW, and remember what’s important in life… Family, Love, Optimism, and Wellness.



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