Help Fight Cancer


The beginning of 4A FLOW and our BRAND can be attributed to a specific day in our lives.

When our son/nephew Julius was diagnosed at 2 ½ years old in 2014 with a rare form of Non-Curable Adult Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, we had a choice to crumble, or learn how to move forward with our new normal in a positive way to help him and others.

The journey of LIFE can sometimes feel overwhelming, sad, and scary. We are constantly faced with difficult problems that can’t be solved as of today and learning to cope takes STRENGTH and COURAGE to keep fighting.

4A FLOW has received remarkable feedback from so many families and friends that are going through difficult times and need HELP and SUPPORT.

This is why we wanted to create a "Support Group” where members can share information who are experiencing similar problems and feel confident that our Group is a place for someone who needs to talk about intensely personal issues, experiences, struggles, and thoughts.

As we evolve, we will provide education and resources to help our community. Please follow our mission to FEEL 4A FLOW®